Bandipur The Hidden Treasure

Bandipur National Park was once the hunting reserve for the Maharaja of the Kingdom of Mysore. Established in the year 1974 as a forest tiger reserve under the Project Tiger, Bandipur is the most prominent national park located in the south Indian state of Karnataka and is best known for its varied wildlife boasting different biomes in the dry deciduous forest. It is considered one of the best-managed parks in India.
Bandipur being one of the first Nine Tiger Reserves in the country is in the forefront of Eco-tourism for the last more than three decades. Extending over an area of 82.00 sq. km. constituting about 9.40% of the total area of the Reserve, the Eco-tourism activity is operated in the two Ranges of Bandipur(54 sq km) and GS Betta( 28sq km).
We will experience Jungle stay, Safari, Elephant Feeding camp, and other sight seeing here in Bandipur.

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