The Great Hampi

Recognized as one of the World’s Heritage Sites, Hampi offers you a glimpse of our old age century Vijayanagara realm.  Its Legacy can be understood with the place of its “Stone Chariot” on our Rs. 50 note. Albeit the capital (then) is in ruins, one can apparently sail through the story of the glorious empire.  The hustle-bustle of the Hampi Bazaar, the still serenity of the magnificent Temples with beautiful carvings, and the beauty of the town along the banks of river Tungabhadra make this place ideal to imbibe the calmness and getaway with the city hustles.

Hampi is the flagship tourist attraction of Karnataka. It is located on the banks of the Tungabhadra river in the eastern piece of central Karnataka being 376 km from Bangalore It offers the perfect Get-Away point for road trips.

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