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Roy Cruiser’s (RC) Sustainable Travel Solutions Idea was born after extensive research by a Passionate Traveller Team of Mr. Rajesh Roy and Mr. Rohith, who has collaborated with various stakeholders and understood the pain points at various levels in the Travel Ecosystem in India. Both are Passionate Travellers themselves having traveled far and wide around the world.

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RoyCruiser Vision is to Listen to, Understand, Assist, Guide, Mentor and Support the Travel Ecosystem by all means. To be a Trustworthy & Innovative Bespoke, Curated Travel Platform for Travel-related Products, Services & Solutions in India and the rest of the World. Our Mission RoyCruiser intends to eliminate Information asymmetry that exists in the Travel Ecosystem by enabling the free flow of Information, Insights, and Intelligence for the Sustainability of all stakeholders in the Travel ecosystem in India and making sure Solo travelers enjoy their Passion With the help of our Well curated, Bespoke Travelling Experiences.

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We are dedicated to providing the best quality Travel Solutions at the most economical rates for Passionate Travelers of all hues with a Special emphasis on Ladies, Senior Citizens, and Kids’. Our Objective is to enable Passionate Travelers to enjoy their passion and experience their Travel Independently, comfortably, safely, and in a very friendly way.¬†

Roads To Himalayas

Well Curated custom Self-Drive Travel Expeditions to The Mighty Himalayas.

Corporate Travel Events

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Custom Weekend Trips

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digital marketing expert

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Chief Executive Officer

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