“Roads To Himalayas”

The title says it all! All roads lead to the Himalayas! But the road from Bangalore to Ladakh is the one less taken. But this time it was! on a Roy Cruiser organised Road Trip. Officially, one of the biggest road trip expeditions that has ever taken place in the country! Max Participants, Max Distance!

Roy Cruiser brought this concept of Self-drive Road trip expeditions to India and is providing these services since the last two years to Indian travel enthusiasts. .

This year in May-June 2022 Roy Cruiser successfully executed another road trip expedition to Ladakh: the land of high passes, that you should never pass by!
It started out from Bengaluru, Karnataka on 21st May 2022 and it was called “Roads to Himalayas” Season 03 (Bengaluru to Ladakh). The fifty-eight participants covered around Eight thousand five hundred kilometres across 12 states and 2 Union Territories in 22 days!

Nothing easy about it!

It was not an ordinary comfortable road trip. Its challenging for the vehicles and their drivers, its tiring for everyone involved, and yet it’s a great adventure for the participants. That is why it falls into the category of Expeditions! “From the comforts of a city road to the demands of a national Highway and to roads that seem to go into nowhere. We saw it all on the trip!”, said Ramesh Ranjan, one of the participants!
It was challenging for the participants as well as for cars to sustain with minimal oxygen at higher altitudes. This expedition required a resilient mind-set and physique! Emotionally too, it was draining, but the participants pepped each other up, when spirits were down because of exhaustion. The rests in between driving spells were a welcome boon, and sight-seeing was what revived moods! The History and Wonders of India were in full display. An education by itself!
But yes, Roy Cruiser made it possible with proper planning of the entire itinerary and the cooperation, nay collaboration, of individual Participants. This was a journey of 22 days with a big family of travelers from different professional backgrounds and of different age groups (4-70 years) and yet the camaraderie should have been seen to be believed.

The beginning and the end in the words of one of the participants!

“It was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us and we all learnt lots of new things which will certainly add value to our life”, said a participant!   The end of one expedition is the beginning of another one for Roy Cruiser! For them it’s a never-ending journey, high passes and low valleys notwithstanding! If you want to get on board, Call, or mail

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