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Neck Rest - MOCO (1pc) Leather+Fabric

Accessories: Head Rest (Neck Pillow)
MRP: ₹1,290.00(20.00% off)

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGNED - Ergonomic designed to give you the support to your lack with the factory installed headrest by offering robust neck support while taking into account high thickness to offer. The headrest's distance from the head is being shortened.
  • DIMENSIONS - 31 Lx10 Wx20 H cm in size. If you are tall, attach it to the top of your seat's headrest rather than the space between the seats. To suit your needs, you can raise the headrest's height. You may swiftly raise or lower the neck support based on height using an elastic strap that is adjustable.
  • ELASTIC STRAP ADJUSTABLE - This neck support is height-adjustable and can be moved upward or downward based on your requirements. The strap can be adjusted up or down. Directly speaking with Vivid Autostyle or MOCO will get you more support.
  • MADE OF 100% MEMORY FOAM - It is soft and supportive, slow to rebound without distorting, It will provide you with a different experience from other neck pillows. For persons who sit for extended periods of time, the headrest can be employed in a number of settings (car seat, long, high-back office chairs with headrests, gaming chair, etc.).
  • WASHABLE & SOFT COVER - In contrast to mesh and velvet covers, the outer cover is constructed of soft, anti-sweat fabric that has good ventilation, a soft and sumptuous feel, and causes neither skin irritation nor a buildup of heat or humidity. Also, don't feel cold in the winter. It is superior leather fabric since you can wash and remove it thanks to the zipper.


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