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Microfibre Cloth - 3M - 340GSM

Accessories: Micro Fibre Cloth
MRP: ₹319.00(12.00% off)

  • LINT FREE CLEANING - 3M Microfiber cloth that incorporates unique absorbent microfiber technology for lint car free cleaning.
  • MULTI SURFACE CLEANING – Use on surfaces like paint, chrome, glass, metal, rubber, and plastic to for faster and streak free cleaning.
  • EFFECTIVE DUST REMOVAL – It is an easy way to remove dust and debris from various surfaces because it is a soft, non-scratching cloth which removes filmy residues of wax or polish easily
  • SUPERABSORBENT – The Cleaning cloth is lint-free and Ultra-absorbent it can swiftly and effectively absorb liquids. The fiber, which is soft yet sturdy and made of high-quality microfiber, won't scratch or leave lint on any of your car Surfaces.


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