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Sunshade (Set of 6pc)

Accessories: Sun Shades
MRP: ₹1,800.00(17.00% off)

  • 6 PACK CAR WINDOW SHADES : Parking your car outdoors on hot day, when you open your car door, hot wind and air touch your body, and the car seats are too hot to sit. Sweaty skins and bad mood! KNNSRE Full Car Sunshades can solve all problems, keep your car cooler and protect your car accessories and car seats.
  • KEEP YOUR CAR COOL : Silver reflective technology bounces sun away from your car interior, blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays. Keeping you cooler and happier when you step back into your car.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE : The car sunshade fits most car windshields. Good size that windshield DO NOT EXCEED 59.5 inches x 27.6 inches. Please measure your windshield size before purchased.(NOTE: The side window shades are for regular size vehicle. It will small for van side windows, we recommend install 2 of side window shades for one side window.)
  • EASY TO USE : Our car Sunshade easily pops out and folds back in seconds making it convenient for daily use. Designed to be stored in the door pockets of your auto vehicle.


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