“Roads To Himalayas”

Road To Himalayas
The Thrilling Test of Driving through Mighty Himalayas

The title says it all! All roads lead to the Himalayas! But the road from Bangalore to Ladakh is the one less taken. Started in 2020 December, Roy Cruiser aims to explore every nook and corner of the country. With a vision to explore various diversities and cultures along with travelers we thrust to show the real India. 

Roy Cruiser organises  one of the biggest road trip expeditions that has ever taken place in the country! Max Participants, Max Distance!

We have brought this concept of Self-drive Road trip expeditions to Indian travel enthusiasts.  Starting from Namma Bengaluru to Kai Jala to Kai Jala to Kem Cho and Padharo maro Desh and then Sastriyakaal we tend to see different landscapes, different flavors of food and culture for which India is known for. Its rich culture and diversity tell a story you can’t ignore and leaves you breathless.

So, what all do we explore? Starting from the Mighty Statue of Unity, fafda, dhokla, thepla, Lake City, gate ki sabzi, daal baud churma, feni, Ghewar, National parks, deserts, not to forget Punjab Ke Khet Kalyan, Punjabi lassi, Makke di Roti, Sarson da Saag, Chole Kulche, History of forts and Taj Mahal, India has a lot to explore when it comes to History or be it even Hills and lakes.